Friday, October 12, 2007

I've Moved to New Domains!

It's true, I've finally taken the plunge and moved to independent domain names. I have split my content into two separate sites.

One site for Boxing:

One site for all other stuff:

Please come visit!



Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Contender - Smith vs. Banks

It's here and I'm watching live. Well maybe semi-live. I have a DVR with my DishNetwork subscription so I can tape a little and skip through the commercials. A

First round looks really good. Both look tight on defense and Banks is shooting counter shots. Smith got in a right hook that was the punch of the round. However; that was about the only shot that Smith really landed. Round goes to Banks for defense, aggressiveness, body work, and good counter work. Finally I'm seeing some talent on this show and I think Smith will come out for the second round a little more organized.

Second round: Smith with a nice overhand right. He keeps trying to land it again but missing. There it is, found it's mark. Oops, he tried it again and Banks was ready with a big counter that wobbles Smith. Man, that was right on the chin! I think Smith did a little too much head hunting and got caught. Banks has quit on his body shots. Close round but I give it to Banks.

Third Round: Banks is keeping his left hand down inviting another Smith overhand right. Banks is also stepping in and ducking just asking for an uppercut. I don't think Smith has it in him to do though. Bad round for Banks so I have to give it to Smith. I'm not impressed with Smith.

Fourth Round: Big left hook from Smith to wobble Banks. Banks goes for the clinch. Big right by Banks. McGrit pushing Banks to go forward and back up Smith. Banks looks tired. Smith is simply head hunting and throwing the big loopers that I just don't like to watch. Round to Smith.

Fifth Round: Banks left glove is down around his waist still. Smith jabbing. McGrit still yelling for Banks to go forward. Lots of action at the end of the round but it appears that Banks is throwing some good shots. I give this round to Banks.

My score: 48-47 Banks
Contender score: Split decision for Smith (48-47 S, 49-46 B, 48-47 S)

Conclusion: Banks appeared to tire in the 3rd round and slipped from his game plan. What happened to all the body shots, and counters? Maybe Smith just took it out of Banks with his power. This was my favorite Contender fight of the season. Both fighters showed more talent than all the other fighters we've seen so far.

Smith is medically disqualified rather than getting booted by the power rankings. He had a cut on the bridge of his nose.

Codrington, Bika, Soliman, and Johnsen are the final four and in the semi-finals. Codrington will fight Johnsen and Bika will fight Soliman.

Fantasy Football - Week 5

Well it happened again, I lost. I even had Dallas' kicker, Nick Folk who kicked a 50+ yard field goal. I even played Pittsburgh as my defense. Pittsburgh shutdown Seattle's offense and kept them scoreless. How did I loose? I'm keeping hope in the final weeks. Actually next week would be great if I could score another win.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Samuel Peter vs. Jameel McCline

McCline knocked Peter down 3 times so the fight wasn't completely boring? After the 4th round, the fight started to get a little monotonous. I do not want to watch this fight again.

My questions about the fight:
  1. Why does McCline punch-grunt (my new word for the day)? Grunting while punching is just simply annoying. What makes it annoying is that I expect an enormous amount of power to be exhibited. However; McCline didn't really seem to have that much power. Peter is the one who had all the power.
  2. Why couldn't Peter just admit that McCline really caught him with a shot that knocked him down? Instead he says that he slipped. I really appreciate a person who can just admit when they're not perfect. Actually, it would have made him look better to admit that he went down 3x and came back to keep the title. I'm thinking he could have exploited his heart to win. Instead he took away from his win by not acknowledging the fact. Shame on you Peter!
  3. What did Peter mean when he said: "If you don't fall down, you can't stand"? This makes no sense and has nothing to do with getting knocked down!
I did have Peter winning the fight in spite of the knock downs. I was impressed that Peter never stopped coming forward and kept throwing body shots. Without the body shots this could have been a very different fight. I was also impressed that McCline was consistent with every round - jabbing and picking a few good shots. In the end, McCline ran out of gas while contending with his lack of power (but always dangerous), while Peter boxed and kept to his game plan. Peter's power was good and kept on the attack scoring points.

A Riddle For You

Yesterday we helped chaperon a group of children from our Church to the Newport Aquarium. It's quite a long drive from where we live so we had a lot of time on the bus to try and occupy little minds. So my wife says she has a riddle that the kids can work on.

Wife: I have a face and two hands but I cannot see. What am I?
Kid on bus: Blind!

Now that is one of the best answers that I have ever heard. We all had a good laugh.

Anyone know the real answer?

Friday, October 05, 2007

One Of These Kids...

Caught this shot at Universal City in Los Angeles. It made me laugh and I hope it does the same for you. It definitely speaks for itself.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Samuel Peter vs. Jameel McCline - Saturday, Oct 6th

The first time I saw McCline fight, I thought he was awesome. Can't remember who he fought but it must have been a perfect fight for him. Since that fight I have not been the least bit impressed. He has been beaten by just about every fighter of any worth that he's boxed: Nikolay Valuev (knee injury), Calvin Brock, Chris Byrd, and Wladimir Klitschko. Peter doesn't show too much better.

How 'bout Peter's first fight with James Toney? The announcers termed the fight the "Melee at the Buffet". Peter came in at a whopping 257 lbs and Toney at 233 lbs. Now that's a couple of heavyweights. Their second fight, Peter dropped to 249 lbs and Toney went up a pound at 234 lbs. Couple a big heavy fighter like Peter with an abnormal giant (Hgt: 6'6") like McCline and what do you get? In this case, an awkward fight!

Anyway, Peter or McCline? I say Peter. I like his style better. Maybe he'll pull another crazy move like he did in the first Toney fight and hit McCline in both sides of the head at the same time. Yes, that did cost him a point in the Toney fight! Of course I would love to see a KO; however; that probably won't happen. I predict a boring fight and a decision. Very possibly a split decision in Peter's favor.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hotel Room Finds

I mentioned this subject in one of my previous posts and thought it worthy of exploring further. So I did a little searching and found some more info.

So what are some strange things found in hotel rooms? Enjoy:

severed finger
false teeth
vibrating intimacy aid
toe nails
used prophylactics
prosthetic leg
male wig
beer-filled tub
piece of meat under the sheets
waxed lip
hotel security guard asleep on the bed
12-inch lizard
pair of men’s tighty whiteys
broken leather whip
body massage oil
dead body
joint hidden in a bible
bullet holes and scorch marks in pillow cases


How 'bout a room covered in Vaseline?


Or a man covered in latex wearing handcuffs hanging out with a donkey? Guess where the key to the handcuffs were? You got it, the donkey ate them!


If you didn't find it above, check out the lost and found department!


The Contender - Bika vs. McCrary

This week too proved a lack of quality talent. McCrary resembled the Russian, Ivan Drago, from the Rocky IV movie. However; the skill didn't come close to the Russian. McCrary showed little to no defensive skill holding his hands below his chest for most of the fight allowing Bika to tag his head over and over. Of course, Bika wasn't much better with his Contender style wide looping punches. It seemed his uppercuts were still being thrown from Cameroon. How wide can a person throw a punch? Had he straightened his punches and kept the jabs coming, he would have KO'd McCrary (agree?).

I scored the fight 49-46 and the one round I gave to McCrary was truly a gift. I could have went 50 easily.

As much as I talk about the lack of talent, I'm still looking forward to next week.

Forgotten Check(s)

How does one forget 2 checks that total over $750,000? I can't imagine receiving a check for even half that amount not to mention forgetting one! Well that's what Kelly Pavlik and his father did. They (his father) forgot their championship winnings at a hotel after the big Jermain Taylor KO. One check was for $666,000+ (Kelly's pay) and the other $105,000+ (Daddy-O's pay). Half-way to Philly and Daddy-O remembers the checks. Anyway, all was recovered and no damage done.

I have forgotten things at hotels (maybe once), but nothing of value. This reminds me of a story I heard on the news about people who leave things in hotels intentionally. For instance, leaving a pile of toe nails between the sheets (seems like toe nails were the most common thing to find). How about a hockey stick between the mattress and box springs..... Some items are hidden for the fun of it for those who like to participate in these bizarre scavenger hunts. I hope to never find a pile of toe nails between my sheets! That's just plain gross.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Who Owns That Airplane?

Ever wonder who owns the airplanes that you see at the airport? Do you have a friend that is a pilot? Wanna know what ratings he/she holds?

Try, scroll to the bottom and click on Databases. From here, you have lots of options. To look up an airplane you must have the "N number", so don't forget to write it down. Anyway, click on "Basic Search" and type in the N-number. Lots of good info.

For info on a pilot, click on "Pilots" (under the certifications section). This selection is above the "Basic Search" link in the middle of the page. Type in your friends info (or partial info) and click Send Query. More good info.

Let me know if you find anything really interesting.

Fantasy Football - Week 4

This was an exciting week for me, especially since I won. My record is a conservative 2-2-0. This one went down to the wire. After Sunday I was ahead 54 - 50. My only player left was Sammy Morris (I've done a little dropping and adding) and my opponent had Chad Johnson. Who do you think would have won this contest? I thought for sure that Chad Johnson would kill me. He did nothing for the most part. My Sammy Morris did excellent! Thank you Sammy for the win!