Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Forgotten Check(s)

How does one forget 2 checks that total over $750,000? I can't imagine receiving a check for even half that amount not to mention forgetting one! Well that's what Kelly Pavlik and his father did. They (his father) forgot their championship winnings at a hotel after the big Jermain Taylor KO. One check was for $666,000+ (Kelly's pay) and the other $105,000+ (Daddy-O's pay). Half-way to Philly and Daddy-O remembers the checks. Anyway, all was recovered and no damage done.

I have forgotten things at hotels (maybe once), but nothing of value. This reminds me of a story I heard on the news about people who leave things in hotels intentionally. For instance, leaving a pile of toe nails between the sheets (seems like toe nails were the most common thing to find). How about a hockey stick between the mattress and box springs..... Some items are hidden for the fun of it for those who like to participate in these bizarre scavenger hunts. I hope to never find a pile of toe nails between my sheets! That's just plain gross.


Jake said...

That sure is a lot of money to forget. Glad they recovered it.

vermilk said...

They earned the money, I'm glad they recovered it as well. Although, I don't think there was any danger in not recovering it. Who would have allowed someone to cash such a check(s) with out some good identification and verification?