Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Riddle For You

Yesterday we helped chaperon a group of children from our Church to the Newport Aquarium. It's quite a long drive from where we live so we had a lot of time on the bus to try and occupy little minds. So my wife says she has a riddle that the kids can work on.

Wife: I have a face and two hands but I cannot see. What am I?
Kid on bus: Blind!

Now that is one of the best answers that I have ever heard. We all had a good laugh.

Anyone know the real answer?


Bob's Conscience said...

a clock

vermilk said...

Good job! I guess that was a little easy. I also guess you're not an 8yr old!

Bob's Conscience said...

Consciences' mental capabilities aren't limited by the bounds of age.

vermilk said...

Maybe I'll come up with another riddle for you to try. One a little harder.